Mission and activities

Crehpsy (meaning “the Resource Centre for Psychiatric Disabilities”) is working towards improving the development and quality of life of people with psychiatric disabilities in the Hauts-de-France region in northern France, by implementing information, training, networking, research, and assessment support measures.


Reception, information and advice

Our activities are centred on the task of informing, advising and guiding people, relatives and professionals. Our team members rely on their understanding and expertise as well as on a network of professionals and a collection of data resources in order to provide information and advice suited to the individual.


Public awareness and training

Crehpsy contributes to the development of skills among those who work with people affected by psychiatric disabilities. We collaborate with professionals, who deal with service users and their families, in order to organise training sessions, meetings on specific topics, think tanks and information events.


Assessment support

In order to provide a personalised solution, Crehpsy assesses the needs and resources of people with psychiatric disabilities. We are also called upon to inform professionals about assessment tools and participate in studies aimed at improving these practices.


Activities and networking

We participate in the exchange of knowledge and practices. We highlight initiatives and support collaborative approaches with communication events, setting up working groups or the preparation of a regional directory listing the resources available in the field of psychiatric disabilities.


Research and studies

We examine the needs, practices and available tools and we assess the adequacy of social and medico-social solutions to the challenges of psychiatric disability. By carrying out these studies we support research into the issue.