Mardi 10
oct 2023

Journée mondiale de la santé mentale

Mardi 10
oct 2023

Organisée par la World Federation For Mental Health



Le 10 octobre 2023, la Journée mondiale de la santé mentale aura pour thème : La santé mentale est un droit humain universel.


This theme has been chosen by a global vote including WFMH members, stakeholders and supporters. I am very grateful to all of you that participated in this process, including those of you who put forward suggested themes and the people that participated in this year's vote, over 2000 of you!


Previous reports by the UN Human Rights office highlight that people with mental health conditions and those with psychosocial disabilities experience disproportionately higher rates of poor physical health and reduced life expectancy. Stigma is also a significant determinant of quality care and access to the full range of services required.


Many people globally tell us what it is like to experience mental illness or to have a member of the family with a mental illness.


Discrimination, harmful stereotypes and stigma in the community, family, schools and the workplace prevent healthy relationships, social interactions and the inclusive environments needed for the well-being of all members of society.


Mental health must be squarely placed in a human rights framework to re-cast the aspiration for sound mental health as a fundamental human right. Ensuring access to mental health services must be an obligation and responsibility of state and global organizations which can no longer be ignored. Access to better living conditions, security, food, shelter and housing are all necessary for people's mental health. Mental health is a universal right to all citizens of the world and consistent with the 1948 founding principles of WFMH.


This year's theme will highlight a range of issues and the WFMH Secretary-General has been mandated to involve a variety of stakeholders and global citizens to work together to ensure that we have a clear message and an effective campaign to support World Mental Health Day 2023 on 10th October, especially as we celebrate WFMH's 75th Anniversary year.



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